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"Protecting the best interests of musicians is the top priority for us, and ensuring proper credit for the work of musicians in the digital age is a major challenge. is not only educating musicians on how important data is to preserving their musical legacies; it is also offering a valuable solution to collect and maintain musicians’ data through its platform. We have been privy to see firsthand the care and commitment that Christy Crowl and the ProMusicDB team have taken in spearheading this online collective musician archiving effort. Therefore, we wholeheartedly encourage our members to consider joining ProMusicDB and being part of its landmark initiative to preserve musicians' legacy for the digital future."
- American Federation of Musicians Local 47 (Los Angeles)

"As digital identity plays an increasingly crucial role in the professional careers of performing musicians, ProMusicDB offers a distinctive service that will help musicians interact with the 21st-century information landscape. Today, where attribution and archival management of born-digital content remain a challenge, ProMusicDB facilitates proper crediting of music creation, performances, and recordings. We see great potential for ProMusicDB to help users manage their professional information and digital archives."
- Cataloging and Metadata Committee of the Music Library Association
  • A ProMusicDB Founding Artist Profile Page (Bio, Gallery, Credits On All Performances, Recordings, and Original Works) @project
  • A 5 GB Private and Secure Digital Archive (store any kind of file, and relate it to the right credit to keep organized!)
  • The Ability to Pull In Information From Existing Open Music Data Sources and Correct Wrong Information
  • A Personal ProMusicDB ID (A Unique Global Identifier)
  • A Personal ProMusicDB Name URL (*name verification required)
  • Finally Organize All Your Music Credits, Artwork, Pictures, Cue Sheets, and Work Documents in One Place, and Relate Them To Each Other
  • 24/7 Support via Our Helpdesk and Personal Data-Problem Solving
  • Immediately Download and Use Our ProMusicDB Digital Musician Companion Templates
  • Founding Artist Membership Level Benefits and Recognition
  • ProMusicDB Membership fees are tax deductible to the full extent of the law under Federal ID 95-2540759