Christy Crowl, MM (US)


Christy got the team into this in 2012 and knows there is no turning back! Professional musician, entrepreneur, tech addict, lover of all things Queen, Journey, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, Muse, Ella Fitzgerald and Beethoven. She believes music and musicians can save the world, and is passionate about preserving musician's legacy for unknown generations to discover in the digital domain. Legend has it she has also driven cattle halfway across Texas on a horse, as musicians will do.


Vikram Sorathia, Ph.D. (India)


Vikram is data wrangler at ProMusicDB and involved in cracking some of the toughest data challenges in the music domain. He is a distinguished scholar and researcher with a focus on Building Conceptual Models, Software Processes and Architectures to achieve Situation Awareness capabilities for Complex Service Systems. While at work or play he can't get enough smooth jazz.


Cristiano Viegas (Portugal)


Cristiano has extensive experience in management consulting in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa and in corporate strategy and operations management, for both the private and public sectors. He received his diploma in Business Management at ISCTE-IUL and since then has developed a passion for individual empowerment through social entrepreneurship. You can find him on some weekends in a bike trek somewhere in the countryside or as a speaker at a ToastMasters’ conference. He still loves to pick up his guitar and play.

Gio Washington-Wright, Ed.D. (US)


Gio has become the go-to guy to find out “who played what” in the contemporary recording world, and his L.A. Studio Musicians Tribute website ( has become the go-to place for session musicians to be recognized online. A native of Rosedale, Mississippi, Gio began his musical journey at age seven, taking up piano, clarinet, and trumpet. As a performer, Gio has performed and/or recorded with Three Dog Night, Royal Crown Revue, Sam Moore, Red Skelton, Melton Mustafa, The Lakewood Rats, Big T And the Bada-Bings, The Bulletproof Brass, Carabali, DCF Big Band, Groove Academy, Irving Symphony Orchestra, The Dallas Jazz Orchestra, The Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, and many others. As a composer and arranger, Gio’s work has been performed and/or recorded by Ricky Martin, jazz trumpeter Winston Byrd, Think Big And The Bulletproof Brass, and the list goes on! No music credit goes unturned by Gio, and he is proud to be the Lead Curator at ProMusicDB.