"With the music industry hyper-focused on how to make a profit in the age of technology, the responsibility of the industry in acknowledging the legacy of music creators and performers in its simplest and easiest form - giving credit - has been all but completely forgotten.

Instead of riding it out and hoping this trend will change, we believe it is time for artists to take the preservation of their history on themselves and begin to build their own 'Smithsonian' of professional music credits online. It is the best way to honor each other, to give back to future musicians, and put a face on whom the music industry really represents.

We’ve created ProMusicDB’s platform and tools under the guidance of the academic community, and invite all music creators and their organizations to participate in the creation of this necessary resource that will preserve music credits, help musicians do business in a digital world, and protect music’s legacy for generations.”

Christy Crowl

Professional Musician and Founder, ProMusicDB