About Us

The journey of ProMusicDB could not exemplify working and creating in the modern era more. Beginning with a question as to how and where to get her own touring and recording credits onto known "industry" sites, Christy looked to her professional music colleagues and organizations for answers. What she discovered was that there really was no entity of authority in charge of this area—for capturing, curating, and maintaining accurate music credits for both commercial and historical significance. Not really believing this was possible, she asked long time musical colleague Brian to reach out to the library community to see how they handled this problem, and was shown an even graver scenario—the library community had no coordinated system of authenticating and documenting musical performers of its own, and internal reference resources of music credits for music students were limited.

For some reason, that didn't seem right, and it became Christy's passion to try to create the answer, but she knew she couldn't do it alone. She enrolled in the Stanford Technology Entrepreneurship Program in the fall of 2012, with the huge idea of preserving musicians' legacy by creating the first truly authenticated music credits database - an "IMDB for Music" or a "Smithsonian for Music Credits" - and found like-minds with Vikram and Cristiano, who were also enrolled in the course and asked to join the ProMusicDB project. Since that time, this core team has operated successfully across three continents, committed to the vision of creating the entity to preserve music legacy, and have a solution vetted through presentations for the American Library Association, Music Library Association, and Musician Unions.